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Internal body system detoxification

Detoxification of internal body system involve removing toxic substance which accumulated along the years of our life span. To understand the advantage of detoxification, let’s find out more on the toxic effect on our body system.


The definition of toxic varies from individual body system. Toxic is defined when the body rejects the substance. Sugar maybe food to one but toxic to another, this is due to the difference an individual defense system perceiving to this substance.

Natural biological system.

The human body consists of a great network of system to function within itself. Every substance that comes in contact with our body will have an effect generated naturally from our body defense system. Whether it’s harmful or useful, our body evaluate it thru various means to create an effect, and compile the data in our body system. As time goes by, the data grew which help our immune system to adapt to these foreign substance. The amount of rejected substance grew along the years and soon becomes a static cell within our normal body cell. With aging, elimination of the rejected cell lags down which contributes to various side effect.

Defense System.

The body internal defense system works in various ways which include of immune system and physical discharging. Immune system will eliminate the foreign substance through cell activity and physical discharging comes in multiple applications. For example, a flu bacteria enters the body through the nostrils and immune cell begins the process of eliminating the amount of bacteria. As the process begins, the body immune cell becomes alert and massive activity is concentrated in this process, thus making our body stressful. When the immune system begins to fail, physical discharge sets in to assist the process, thus causing symptom like runny nose, swollen sinus, dizzy spell, headache, fever and etc. Our body defense system will try to shut certain portion of our natural resources and draw energy to eliminate the bacteria, in the process causing tiredness and stressful condition.

With toxic embedded in our body system, it has advantage and disadvantage. Advantages of having toxic data in lower form help to eliminate future similar attack. But with too much of the toxic data (though in less harmful form), it could decrease efficiency in our natural body system to absorb vital nutrients to enhance the immune system. With less efficient nutrients intake, our natural form of eliminating toxic and revitalizing decreases. This will explain why supplement nutrients do not give equal benefit to all individual.


Ever wonder why infant are so sensitive to changes in environment, food and senses? Well, the answer lies in the body system. With a near perfect defense system, infant can easily react to differences on food and environment. But infant ability to absorb vital nutrients makes an adult envy the efficiency of the system.

Physical discharge includes sweating (perspiration) , fluid discharge via bowel, bladder, nostril, etc. When a toxic substance enter into the digestive, usual detoxification is via bowel discharge. The intestinal plays a vital part in digestion and nutrients intake.

Every part of our body consume energy source from the substance produce by the intestinal process. Food consume would pass through our mouth (general chewing to smaller form) to stomach (liquefied process) , progressing from small intestine (digestion process) to large intestine ( nutrients absorption last process) and finally discard off through bowel. Small intestine length varied from individual but average would have at least 3m length while large intestine has shorter length. The intestine is the vital system which absorb nutrients and relay it to various organ within the body system.

Clearing the intestinal wall (contains various form of bacteria and toxic) will enhance the body immune system and nutrients absorption efficiency. And this detoxification format is focus on the intestinal health which is the center of the energy source to all the organ system efficiency. 

Detoxification Method.

There are many detoxification method available in our current technology. What we provide here is one of the methods and readers are advised to adhere to this information at their own discreet.

Min 3 days program – 14 days programs are recommended with 3 days for first timer or those who lack the environment to pursue longer period. The formula is simple to follow, but the recovery is harder to fully adhere to. Do take precaution while at recovery stage. There are three stages ( pre-detox, detox , post detox – recovery) . If you choose 3 days detox, then the recovery would be 3 days recovery while 5 days detox also will take 5 days recovery. There will be a standard 7 days pre-detox schedule for days of the program.

Pre-detox schedule.

Day 1 –Vegetarian diet. Consume normal meal volume as your usual meal.(3 meal)

Day 2 – Vegetarian diet. Consume normal meal volume as your usual meal.(3 meal)

Day 3 – Vegetarian meal, lesser volume than usual per intake of meal. (3 meal)

Day 4 - Vegetarian meal, decrease 50% volume of usual intake per meal.(3 meal)

Day 5 - Vegetarian meal, decrease 75% volume of usual intake per meal. (3 meal)

Day 6 – Vegetarian meal, meal semi liquid form.

Day 7 - Vegetarian meal, liquid form only.


1. Vegetarian meals include fruits, avoid fried food and artificial modified food.

2. Restraint from any caffeine & alcohol intake (i.e. coffee, tea, soda,)

3. Refrain from mental or physical stress related issue and control your personal emotion.

4. Some individual may encounter dizzy spell due to sudden change to vegetarian food. Compensate with some sweet fruit juice whenever dizziness is felt. Emotion outburst due to food related stress may also happen to those who consume large quantity of meat products (common diet). Be patience, as this side effect will go off as your body adapt to the changes.

5. Once you have successfully reach this 7 days pre-detox, you are ready to begin detox process.


Day 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 12 – 14.

You can use this schedule for min 3 days until 14 days maximum. Once you reach you desired days, proceed to post detox-recovery schedule. 

-         7am wake up, shower, drink a glass of high fiber drink (plain fiber supplement in powder form) and go for a walk ( natural green park is best). Lightly swing your arms while you walk. Try breathing exercise to expand your lung, relax and slowly walk back to your place.

-         8.30am , 1 (one) glass of fruit juice freshly squeezed (45% carrot, 45% green apple, 5% lemon) . Drink as much water as you wish, the more the better. Nothing else may be consume, ie. Sweet (candy), etc. No drinks except plain water, no smoking. Relax and do not read newspaper, TV or radio and no phone calls, emailing, internet. Music or even books can be read to pass your time. Make sure there’s no mental strength needed, including solving puzzle words. This will enable you body to detach from your daily life stress and concentrate on detoxifying your internal digestive system.

-         11am , one glass of fiber drink (plain fiber supplement in powder form). Continue with your relaxing form.

-         12.30pm, one glass of fruit juice. You could sleep if you feel tired, nevertheless feeling hungry is normal and food urge is frequently crossing your mind from time to time.

-         4pm , one glass of fiber drink (plain fiber supplement in powder form).

-         6pm, one glass of fruit juice.

-         9pm, one glass of fiber drink (plain fiber supplement in powder form). And go to bed. Sleep before 11pm as this is the biological time for hormone production.


1. Keep drinking lots of plain water to help your body remove the toxic within your system. No other form of drinks or food can be consume during the entire detox period.

2. Mental is key to making this a success, keep yourself relax and if possible, try meditation as this would help to strengthen your will.

3. Supplement of lactobacillus in powder form can be taken at a rate of 1 hour before juice consumption. This could help bowel activity and helpful to those who had constipation. For those who have normal bowel activity, once a day is sufficient.

4. Select your fiber drink carefully and also lactobacillus before you begin the course. Fruits for juice making should be clean, and free from artificial contamination. I.e. growth induced agent, artificial fertilizer, cleaning solution, etc. Fruit juice must be the same proportion and no changes to type or amount of fruit to be prepare.

5. The most important way to evaluate the success rate of this detoxification program is by viewing your bowel discharge. Some may experience unusual stool before achieving the result. The stool to identify as the wanted result is in the form of curly shaped which usually in prolong length. It may be in dark brown or yellow ochre colour. If you seen a Chinese eatery selling porridge with fried pig intestine, it’s exactly the same shape. It’s the shape of a deflated tube balloon and curled form. This is the intestinal wall lining which detached itself once we begin detoxification program. It may takes few toilet seating before you can fully clear out the stool and this usually amount to 10 feet and above (accumulated), depending on individual.

6. But if you consume something in between the detoxification stage, you may not reach the result at all. So please stay well within your schedule and temptation is a matter of mental strength. And if you do not have bowel discharge during this stage, do not be concern. Some individual would have bowel discharge during post-detox stage and this is an important stage for the body to enhance it’s own immune system.

7. Some odd symptom like diarrhea, vomiting, pain from old injury, dizziness, etc may happen to individual. This is one of the method the body detoxify itself. It may not happen to everyone, don’t be concern if it doesn’t happen to you. But if the effect is too much for you to bear, you can stop the detox process, begin by drinking some sweet juices and start off with liquid food, soup without dairy based is best and slowly progress to semi liquid food from each meal. ( example: sweeten juice, next meal vegetarian soup in clear base (soup only, no fiber), next meal progress to vegetarian soup with semi fiber (very soft and small pieces of green), next meal vegetarian thick soup with soaked white meal bread, next meal finely blended meat based soup and bread, do not consume hard and fried food on the following three days. After this, you can consume your usual food.

Post Detox schedule.

This stage is vital for your body system to gain strength and immune ability. Keeping a strict diet at this level will help alleviate your immune system. Most people will be able to experience the difference after this stage.

This stage is also where intestinal detox will continue to progress. Those who did not have bowel discharge during the detox stage, may be discharging them during this stage. Once the total discharging is done, normal stool will continue. A healthy stool have the character of long banana shaped, slight golden colour and floating ability. Heavy stool constitute solid waste with high level of contamination within the intestine cavity.

Post-Detox food form chart.                     

3 days detox course.

5  - 7 days detox course

7 days – 14 days detox course

2 days – Liquid form

2 days – Liquid form

3 days – Liquid form

2 days – Semi liquid form

3 days – Semi liquid form

4 days – Semi liquid form

2 days – Semi solid form

2 days – Semi solid form

3 days – Semi solid form

Food schedule & condition (coming soon)

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