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Facial Mask

Face Mask

Objective of a face mask is to feed, bleach and stimulate the skin. Before applying a mask to your face, (do ensure that you have properly cleansed your face), steam your face to open the pores for better effect. You can pour boiling water into a large bowl or basin and hang your head a few inches over the bowl (face down), and drape a towel over your head to form a tent to prevent the steam from escaping.

 Egg Mask

The egg mask suits most types of skin. It can be made doubly effective by adding either cucumber to the benefit of greasy skin or oil to benefit of dry skin. For the dry skin, mix the yolk of an egg with two drops of almond oil and the juice of fruit or vegetable (but not lemon or cucumber as these are astringent). For greasy skin, add two drops of lemon, orange or cucumber juice to the yolk of an egg. Mix the ingredients and immediately pat over one’s face.

Honey Mask

The honey mask has a softening effect and is able to cleanse the skin and remove fine wrinkles. Just spread a little honey over the face. If your like, ass a few drops of lemon juice and leave the mask for 10-15 mins.

Yeast Mask

The yeast mask is particularly suitable for dry skin as it softens, cleanses and closes pores. Add a small piece of yeast and a little of olive oil to the yolk of an egg. Apply to the face and leave on for 20 mins.

Milk Mask.

The milk mask is an astringent mask for wrinkles. Boil two tablespoonfuls of porridge oats in milk, making a soft porridge. Add two teaspoonfuls of rosewater and spread over the face. Leave on for 15 mins.

Aloe Vera Mask.

The aloe vera mask is excellent for all skin types especially sensitive skin. Just take a sizeable stalk from your garden, peel the skin and mash or finely chop the flesh. Add one to two drops of lavender or rose essential oil if desired and pat over your face.

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